The Allegorical Sense of Scripture

Modern and postmodern folk, having talked themselves out of trusting Scripture so that they can more credulously swallow whatever some dimestore novelist tells them, spend most of their energy (should they ever get around to reading the Bible) fretting over the most elementary aspects about the text. So, if we propose to the modern mind that Mark wrote Mark or Isaiah had something to do with the authorship of Isaiah, this is often greeted with hoots of derision as simplistic fundamentalism and the question “How do you know?” asked by people who, like jesting Pilate, do not stay for an answer. But if the National Geographic dusts off a piece of parchment styled by some anonymous fourth-century scribe as the Gospel of Judas, it is taken as self-evident that this piece of paper was written by Judas and that it, as the saying goes, “shakes Christianity to its very foundations.”

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