World Trade Center

Last night, I went to see Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center with Anna Venger, Anonymous Opinion, Jeff the Baptist and his wife Amybear.

I found the movie enjoyable, but I was a little disappointed. There was very little shown or discussed of the actual terrorist activity or what exactly happened. Now, this is probably accurate as things were very confused that morning and the rescue workers likely had little time to think about it before trying to save lives.

It also disappointed me not to see actual rescuing done by the main characters in the movie. Now, they were doing the right thing by preparing for a sustained rescue operation, rather than going in unprepared, but from a dramatic point of view it left me wanting more. (Now since that’s apparently what happened, I’m glad they stuck to it. Especially since this Oliver Stone we’re talking about. He should try sticking to what actually happened more often.)

But after thinking about it a bit, I think the direction they went was a good one. We didn’t need a recap of what happened that day; we already know. We know a great evil was committed; we didn’t need to see it again. Instead, we got a reminder of the great good that was done in response to that great evil. People risking their lives to save others. This is seen a few times during the digging out of McLoughlin and Jimeno. The first man to go down to attempt to save them tells another worker his wife’s name and told him to tell her that he loved her. He knew there was a good chance he might not come back but still had to risk his life to save another. Another man who went down with him stayed even after being told to leave, again conciously risking his life in order to save another’s. You saw it in the number of people fighting their superiors in order to get back into the wreckage to seach for people. You saw it in Dave Karnes who walked away from a job because he believed God was calling him to help save lives and avenge what was done.

Even though the film didn’t deal with the evil that was done, it still made clear that it was evil. References are made to the “bastards” responsible. The need for to avenge the act is clearly dealt with.

It was good film as I reflect upon it more. I just had expected something different, so it took me a little while to reflect upon it.

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Comments/Remember Me

I think I have the “Remember Me” functionality working finally, so that those of you who visit frequently won’t have to retype your information each time.

One note, though: the way the code is written you’ll have to uncheck the “Remember Me” box before you type your name if you don’t wish to be remembered. For some reason, when I attempted to automatically check the box for those who wish to be remembered after loading the form, it cleared the other form elements and the only way around that I could find was to check it by default. Sorry. This is why I prefer to do this stuff through server-side code, but Movable Type seems to be very client side heavy when ti comes to comments.

Greatest Non-President

Duffy at Pencader Days asks who is the greatest President we never elected? I’m assuming that means who would have been the greatest President of all the people who never served as President.

It’s a tough question. There’s a lot of people to choose from. There’s a lot of people who were never elected who have some very big flaws. Many historical figures I think would have made great Presidents, being influenced by their times, were pro-slavery, for example.

Off the top of my head, my top two choices are Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton.

But even there, I’m not sure that either of them would have been suited for the role of Chief Executive. Franklin, while a brilliant businessman and diplomat and scientist, just doesn’t strike me as the leader of a government. I’m sure he could have done anything he set his mind to, but there’s a feeling I can’t shake that argues differently in this case.

In Hamilton’s case, I’m not sure he had the ability to listen to others that a good Executive should have. I know he was very deferential to George Washington and even wrote his Farewell Address, in which Hamilton wrote defenses of policies he himself did not approve of, but I wonder how his strong-mindedness would have affected his relations with others if he were in charge. And being deferential to George Washington is not necessarily a sign of modesty. Everyone was deferential to Washington.

This will cause some people heart attacks, but I’ve always thought Dick Cheney would have been a good President. He’s intelligent, has a strong sense of values which I largely agree with. And until the recent leftist and media caricatures took hold in the public mind, was always thought of as a decent and honorable man. He wouldn’t be good for America now; his election, through no fault of his own, would divide the country.

By the way, if you’re not reading Pencader Days, you really should be. It’s the best Delaware blog you’re not reading.

I’ve been tagged!

Miss Anonymous Opinion tagged me last night to fill out this meme. So here goes:

1. A friend who has blessed me: My friend Liwei. I often say that the big mistakes in my life were because I didn’t listen to her.

2. An unexpected gift: My cousin sent me a koosh pen in the mail a little while ago. It’s part of a long-running joke war from the day I met her now husband.

3. A kind word shared with me recently: “You got new glassesd! They look great.” (Lots of people.)

4. Something that makes me stop and praise God: The thought of how blessed I am to be living in America.

5. Something I’m looking forward to: Having a family someday.

6. A particular part of me I’m pleased with: At the risk of sounding arrogant, I always appreciated the fact I’m of above average intelligence, but not so smart that I think I know it all.

7. Something in my life that I wanted but never expected: God’s forgiveness.

8. A place that moved/moves me: Mount Vernon. Going there and learning about George Washington makes realize how truly blessed America was to have him. A man of lesser virtue could have installed himself as king after winning the Revolutionary War. Ins tead, he submitted a bill for expenses (refusing a salary), and went home, hoping to retire from public life, coming out of retirement twice when it was obvious his country needed him. If there’s no George Washington, there’s likely no America today.

9. One thing/person that always makes me smile: My Smith cousins. We’ve all got the same insanity and goofiness where any boring situation can be made enjoyable.

10. Most recent “love note” from God: See here.

Since Anna Venger will hunt me down if I don’t tag someone, I’ll hit Jeff the Baptist since he was there last night too left before this came up.