Serenity Now

Jonoah Goldberg write:

So, I’ve caught Serenity a few more times on cable during my migrations. And while I know Firefly fans are more sour on it compared to the show (vide Derb et al); And, I’m a big skeptic of trying to overread pop culture through partisan ideological lenses; But, it is striking what a conservative movie Serenity is. In the 1930s, when ideological content was deliberate and ideological deviationism was denounced, Serenity would be villified as “fascist” for its opposition to social planning. The upshot: a capitalistic freebooter opposes the egalitarian — democratic — “Parliament.” It’s übermenschy representative — a barely updated version of the HG Wellsian fascistic types parodied in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow — is beyond good and evil in his pursuit of a utopian world. Parliament’s last major attempt at making a utopia — weeding out aggression through better chemistry — resulted in death and horror on a grand scale, the lesson being that such enterprises are always doomed. Indeed, to the extent Mal Reynolds has an ideological agenda it is merely to stand in the way of Utopia and the desire of tyrants to impose happiness on people whether they like it or not. Beyond that, he simply believes in people living their lives as they see fit, so long as their interests don’t collide with his.

Or something like that.

Thanks are due to Miss Anonymous Opinion who introduced to Firefly, which turned out to be a really good show. Much better than I anticipated, even though I had enjoyed Joss Whedon’s previous efforts on Buffy and Angel. I’m not quite a “browncoat” yet, but it could happen.

Queenship of Mary

Today, August 22nd, the Catholic Church honors the Mary, the Queen of Heaven. For a long time, I didn’t understand why we honor Mary as Queen of Heaven. After all, shouldn’t our focus be on the King of Heaven?

Then I read Hail, Holy Queen by Scott Hahn which explained it to me. Honoring Mary as Queen as Heaven is honoring God as King of Heaven. (Hahn is a former Protestant minister who converted to Catholicism and is now a professor at Steubenville University.) Israel, during the time of the Kings, was a polygamous society, which obviously raised the question of which of the King’s wives was the Queen. So, like many other such societies, in Israel the mother of the King was proclaimed Queen. And who is the mother of God? The woman who gave birth if the God-become-Man: Mary.

You see examples of this in the Books of Kings. In Kings Chapter 2, Bathsheba is approached to speak to Solomon on behalf of Adonijah, much as Catholics ask Mary to approach her Son on our behalf. As the Books of Kings describe the reigns of the various succeeding Kings of Israel and Judah (after the Kingdom divides), their mothers are frequently mentioned as well. Obviously, in the Kingdom of Israel (which is a type of the Kingdom of Heaven), the mother of the king is a very important person. So the mother of the King of Heaven must be especially important and it is for this reason Catholics honor her so highly.

More information about the Queenship of Mary:
Women for Faith & Family – includes Pope Pius XII’s Encyclical Ad Caeli Reginam (roughly “On the Queen of Heaven”), which proclaims Mary’s Queenship and instituted the feast we celebrate today.
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