Explain to me again why Chafee’s better than a Democrat?

Senate panel scrubs vote on Bolton as U.N. envoy | Politics News | Reuters.com

A U.S. Senate committee scrubbed its planned vote on Thursday on keeping John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations, as a key Republican remained undecided on the nomination by President George W. Bush.

Rhode Island Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee, the only Republican who has not publicly committed to supporting Bolton, sought more time, members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said. Chafee, locked in a tough re-election bid, faces a Republican primary election on Tuesday.

Let’s go, Laffey!!!!

Ryan Howard’s the Bomb!

From a baseball statistics mailing list:

In the 130 years of major league history, no player had ever hit more than 76 home runs in his first 1,000 at bats. Howard now has 77 — and he still has 147 at bats to go! Following are the all-time leaders, according to my research:

77 Ryan Howard (in 853 at bats through 9/4/06)
76 Cecil Fielder
75 Jim Gentile
74 Rudy York
74 Ken Phelps
72 Eric Davis
71 Don Mincher
71 Bob Horner
71 Mark McGwire
68 Rob Deer

I’m not a member of the list, but it was forwarded to me. Ryan Howard is amazing. I loved Jim Thome, but I love Howard more.