Republicans Attack a Republican – Then Say He Can’t Win

To Hold Senate, G.O.P. Bolsters Its Most Liberal – New York Times

In an extraordinary pre-emptive announcement, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has said it will concede Rhode Island to the Democrats should Stephen Laffey, the mayor of Cranston, defeat Mr. Chafee in the primary.

Mr. Chafee has opposed many centerpiece Republican policies, from the war in Iraq to tax cuts to most restrictions on abortion. This week, he helped force a delay on the confirmation of John R. Bolton as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

For all that, Republicans said they expected to spend over $1.2 million on advertisements attacking Mr. Laffey, saturating the television stations of this state, the nation’s smallest. One ad lifts a line Republicans have used in countless attacks against Democrats, mocking the mayor as “tax-and-spend Steve Laffey.”

Imagine if the had spent 1.2 million dollars defending Laffey. Or Santorum. Or a Republican, as opposed to Chafee.

I sent the following to the National Republican Senatorial Committee:

Is this article true?

I’ve already refused to give you money because of your attack ads on Mr Laffey. What ever happened to the 11th Commandment? You know, that nonsense about not speaking ill of another Republican?

I understand the necessity to defend Senator Chafee. That’s what good parties do: defend their incumbents against challengers. But you crossed the line by attacking his challenger. Rather than defending Chafee, you’ve attacked his Republican opponent. If Chafee’s record is so weak that you need to attack other Republicans, maybe that’s a sign he needs to go.

Now, after you’ve savaged Laffey, you publicly declare that he can’t win. Maybe if you hadn’t done the Democrats work for them, then perhaps he might stand a chance. Good thing the Democrats have you guy to fight their battles for them.

You will never get a penny from me.

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