Reason #4535262 why Computer Programmers Shouldn’t be Allowed to Interact with the Rest of Society

We have an after hours meeting at work tonight, so I posted the following message on my team’s forum in my company’s Message Board:

Just as a warning…

I’m leaving at 8. Gotta be home in time The Office. What will happen with Pam and Jim?????

Response 1:


You need TiVo….

It’s 9PM for me. Grey’s Anatomy, and then ER….

And Virginia is playing GA Tech tonight….

Response 2 (My manager):

Ah…yes…they moved Grey’s Anatomy to Thursday at 9pm. It now goes head-to-head with CSI. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?????

Response 3:

It saddens me to see how many hours of their lives people waste on watching TV. Especially when they could be wasting those hours playing computer games instead, like me!

We are not normal people.