Here’s a worthy effort to support

It’s Global Fast 2007, and it’s encouraging people to fast and give alms. The goal: to change the world by getting 10,000,000 people to give up their food for one day and donate the money saved to charity.

Fasting is good for you spiritually (and physically, if done occassionally, it helps purge your system) and the money is going to worthy causes.

Read more about it.

Visit the Global Fast 2007 website

Can anything good come from Nazareth?

I attended Mass yesterday and the Gospel reading was John’s account of the first apostles. (John 1:43-51) The apostle Nathanael, upon being told of Jesus asks Philip “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” And of course the answer: our Lord and Savior can come out of Jerusalem.

After Mass, I was thinking that a similar question in our time and place would be “Can anything good come out of Elkton?”

And I remembered that something good did.

On Christmas Day, a high school classmate of mine, Michael Mullan, was ordained in Rome as a priest of the Legionaries of Christ. Mike’s one of the finest people I’ve ever known and will be a credit to his order.

Roses at the Wrong Address: the story how Mike found his vocation

God is truly amazing if He can bring something good out of Elkton.