Accident on I-95 slowed Tuesday’s rush hour

Accoriding [sic] to [state police spokesman Cpl. Jeff] Whitmarsh, Ann Marie Pierson, 29, of Wilmington, was traveling I-95 northbound in a 2003 Ford Taurus in the right exit lane for Concord Pike. A 1997 Nissan Pathfinder, operated by Dennis Porter, 54, of Wilmington, was traveling in the center lane slightly behind the Taurus. Porter attempted to change lanes and hit the Pierson causing the Pathfinder to overturn. The Taurus came to rest approximately 150 feet north of the initial impact.

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I drove by this accident on my way home last night. (Fortunately, I was going southbound so I wasn’t affected by it.) It’s amazing this doesn’t happen more often. I deal with similar issues in the morning. What happens is the off ramp to 202 gets backed up. (Sometimes past the on-ramp from 10th street). So people who think they are too important to wait in line cut in further up in the line. Often, they have to wait to cut in, so they sit idling in the center lane, blocking that lane to traffic. This forces people to jump into the third, far-left, lane to travel, reducing I-95 through there to one lane. When it’s really bad, we have people in the far-left lane jumping in there suddenly to get around people already waiting and blocking the middle lane to merge so they can merge further ahead.

If people used common sense, this stretch of road wouldn’t be so dangerous. That might be a bit too much to ask of people, though.

When I’m absolute dictator, dividers will come up between these lanes so people can’t cut in. In the meantime, perhaps DELDOT can look at changes in the light pattern on 202 to reduce the backup onto 95.


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