Philly area man knows his pi

Easy as pie? Anything but, when Marc Umile begins reciting the never-ending, never-repeating decimal places of the mathematical constant pi.

Most people learn that pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, starts with 3.14, and few venture much farther into the decimal places.

But Umile, 40, of Upper Darby, has been certified as the North American record-holder by enumerating 12,887 digits.

As a math major, I’m torn between thinking this guy’s a big geek and really respecting him. I think both reactions are legitimate.

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Update: News-Journal an Enemy of Conservatives

I noted yesterday that the News-Journal described a pro-lifer who wrote an editorial for their Op-Ed page as “anti-abortion rights” although they would never describe a pro-choicer as “pro-death” or “anti-child.” I talked to the author of the editorial last night and he told me an interesting story about the byline.

He submitted the piece last week and got a call from the News Journal confirming that it was indeed him who submitted it and saying they would run it on Monday, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. She asked how he wanted himself described and he said “a lawyer in Wilmington.” She asked if they could describe him as a Catholic lawyer, and he didn’t like it was it wasn’t written as a sectarian piece and he thought that description would limit its impact. The News Journal then asked if “pro-life lawyer” would be acceptable. He decided it would be, since it was a fair description.

We know what they ended up printing. So dedicated to their ideology is the News-Journal that they’ll go back on agreements to promote it. Shameful.