Feast of Saint Angela Merici

Today is the feast of Saint Angela Merici, patron saint of Wilmington’s Ursuline Academy and foundress of the Ursuline sisters.

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When she was 56, Angela Merici said “No” to the Pope. She was aware that Clement VII was offering her a great honor and a great opportunity to serve when he asked her to take charge of a religious order of nursing sisters. But Angela knew that nursing was not what God had called her to do with her life.

Ursuline SIsters Page on Angela Merici

The Other Russia

Garry Kasparov on Russia’s descent into despotism

This is a story that people aren’t paying attention to. Just as many on the Left are sticking their fingers in their ears and closing their eyes as their idol Hugo Chavez shows his totalitarian tendencies, most people are missing the consolidation of power and crushing of dissent going on in Russia. The Bush Administration, at least publicly, is one of those missing the boat on this critical issue. Bush claims to have looked into Putin’s heart and seen that he’s a good person, but events would indicate otherwise. (Jesus asks each of us to have the heart of a child; I’m concerned that Putin keeps his in a jar on his desk.) Foruantely, Kasparov and many others have formed a multi-lateral association in Russia to defend against Putin’s power grab, but they need international support. Unfortunately, many nations seem to be looking the other way in favor of closer with Putin’s government. (See Kasparov’s comments on inviting Russia to join what is now the G-8.)

We may ahve won the Cold War, but we’re in danger of allowing another dictatorship to come back to Russia if we’re not careful.