“I suppose, indeed, that in public life, a man whose political principles have any decided character and who has energy enough to give them effect must always expect to encounter political hostility from those of adverse principles.” – Thomas Jefferson

“Cutting government spending and government intrusion in the economy will almost surely involve immediate gain for the many, short-term pain for the few, and long-term gain for all.” – Milton Friedman

“Somehow strangely the vice of men gets well represented and protected but their virtue has none to plead its cause- nor any charter of immunities and rights.” – Henry David Thoreau

“The claim to support the troops is a sham. Supporting the troops is merely something to be figured out later. It’s an afterthought, to be addressed after Democrats, with some Republican support, rush through a resolution telling our troops that the mission for which they are putting their lives on the line is not just meaningless but absolutely antithetical to our nation’s interests.” – Mark Finkelstein

“Our combat forces have never lost an engagement in Iraq. Let’s make sure they don’t lose the war in Washington. Unshackle the military and let our soldiers and Marines do their job. This will quickly silence the critics, as well as the insurgents and radical Islamist fundamentalists.” – James A. Lyons, Jr.

“[President] Bush came up with the ‘surge’ plan. Will it work? Nobody knows. But the one thing the American people know about George W. Bush is that he wants to win the war. What the Democrats believe is anybody’s guess.” – Jonah Goldberg

“What the resolution tells us is that most members of Congress, echoing what they think is the view of most voters, yearn to return to the holiday from history that we thought we were enjoying between the fall of the Berlin Wall and Sept. 11, 2001. And that they have no idea at all of how to get there.” – Michael Barone

“The Senate’s 81-0 vote on Friday to confirm Lt. Gen. David Petraeus as commander is just the latest sign of the intellectual incoherence of that chamber’s approach to Iraq. Right now, anti-war lawmakers are afraid to act on their convictions and cut off funding right away, so they seem to have opted for a two-track strategy: on the one hand, approving some funds for the war so they can’t be accused of hurting the troops that they claim to support, on the other, denouncing President Bush’s policies at every opportunity regardless of whether such actions project weakness or embolden the enemy. The unanimous vote for Gen. Petraeus- a thoughtful advocate of President Bush’s efforts to increase troop levels in Baghdad- comes as many of these same lawmakers prepare to vote for a resolution which will likely come before the Senate this week which will denounce what Gen. Petraeus and President Bush are attempting to do: win the war. Passage of such a resolution (which appears to have overwhelming support) is utterly nonsensical if senators are serious about defeating the enemy. But such an action makes perfect sense for cynical politicians who have calculated that failure is certain and want to be in the most politically advantageous position after the United States is defeated in Iraq.” – The Washington Times

“What the Democrats will do with their newfound power is a question worth asking, provided you don’t expect much of an answer.” – William Rusher

Jay Leno: The Constitution does not specify how long the State of the Union address must be. You know who gave the longest State of the Union address ever? Bill Clinton. You know who gave the shortest? George Washington. It was just a couple of minutes. Well sure, when a politician cannot tell a lie, it limits how much they can say. Clinton could go on for hours. … The political experts are asking what role Bill Clinton will play in Hillary’s campaign. I’m guessing the cheating husband? … I guess you heard by now Sen. John Kerry announced he will not run for president, in 2008. He said the time is just not right. You know why it’s not right? It’s an election year. … John Edwards, who is also running for president, is being criticized because the new house he just moved into is one of the biggest houses in North Carolina. It’s 28,000 square feet on 102 acres. See, Edwards became famous for talking about the two Americas. Now both of them can fit into his backyard. … Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is now in Iraq. She made a surprise visit. Well, you thought Bush wanted to bomb the place before! … She didn’t say how long she was staying in Iraq, and President Bush said he was against setting any timetables for Pelosi to return. He said to bring her back prematurely would send the wrong message.

Today in Delaware History

1927 Time magazine, with Pierre S. du Pont, II, featured on its cover, reported that he had already spent $5 million on Delaware schools. He was also credited with building 89 schools for African American children, when the state would not.

Delawareans should never forget the great generosity of the duPont family over the years. We’d be in a much worse position without them.