Delaware Right to Life Convention

Last evening I attended the Delaware Pro-Life Coalition’s 20th Annual convention. I got there late in the day due to a conflict with my parish’s RCIA retreat which I had to attend as the sponsor of one of our catechumens.

I got there to catch the tail-end of a talk by Neil Noesen who is a pharmacist who lost his job over his refusal to provide birth control pills to a patient. I missed most of the talk and some other conversations during it due to some connections I had to make, so I can’t comment on the details of it, but it would seem to me that, even ignoring the important concepts of conscience and freedom of choice, isn’t a pharmacist’s job to make sure that a patient isn’t taking medicine that would harm them?

After all, many people see more than one doctor and a doctor may unknowingly prescribe something that could have a conflict with other medication the patient is taking if the patient forgot to provide a complete list. The pharmicist is often the last line of defense against such a situation, so he the authority to refuse to prescribe medicine if harm could come to the patient. If Mr. Noesen thought that using the pill could harm the patient in this case, he had an obligation refuse to fulfill the prescription.

Another interesting thing I found is that my girlfriend, a very intelligent woman, had no idea that the pill acts as an abortifacient. Makes me wonder how many other people don’t know that one of the primary objectives of this “contraceptive” is really to prevent a fertilized egg (a human life) from implanting in the womb.

I also had an opportunity to speak with Jason Buck, although I missed his talk. Jason is a student at the Franciscan University of Steubenville who recently raised $50,000 to air pro-life television commercials across the Tri-State area. You can view those ads at his website, We had a good conversation about ideas we can use in Delaware.

The keynote speaker at the banquet that evening was Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo, whose murder was successfully completed two years ago yesterday. He spoke about the events leading up to her execution, a word he used appropriately, and also about the work his family has done through the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation to support families who are going through similar situations with their loved ones.

After the banquet ended, I hung around and spoke to some of the local leaders about how I can help build support for life in Delaware. (As I said to Moira Sheridan, head of Delaware Right to Life, “from conception to natural death.” She responded, “I see you know the lingo.” I responded, “I am Catholic.”) I’ll be working with them on a few projects in the near future.

Finally, thanks to a friend of mine who has very little shame, a small group of us ended up going out for drinks. It was my friend Susan the Shameless, my girlfriend, Bobby Schindler, Neil Noesen, A girl named Mary from Philadelphia who does chastity education, and myself. It was good time, we discussed all sorts of topics: politics, religion, NCAA basketball, movies, TV, etc. Both of the speakers who joined us are really decent, genuinely good people.

I’m definitely looking forward to being more involved in the battle to defend life in Delaware.