US District Court to Examine Definition of a “Person”

US District Court to Examine Definition of a "Person" – National Constitution Center

In filings last month, defense lawyers argued that if the baby was defined as a fetus under Roe v. Wade, then Stinnett’s death cannot be the result of a kidnapping, which requires the victim to be a person.

In Monday’s filing, prosecutors argued that Roe v. Wade defines “persons” only in the context of the abortion issue, not for other purposes in criminal law. They also pointed to the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004, enacted before Stinnett’s death, which defined a child in the womb as a “person.”

“This legislation extended criminal law’s protection to all human life,” wrote Matt Whitworth, first assistant U.S. attorney. “Consequently, Montgomery’s reliance on Roe v. Wade is misplaced, and her allegation that Victoria Jo Stinnett, the unborn child in this case, was not a ‘person’ is incorrect.”

When you read a summary of the crime, you can tell that the perpetrator certainly thought that the “fetus” in question was a person, since she attempted to pass the child off as her daughter.

The notion that Victoria Jo Stinnett was not a person was only explainable in the sick culture of our times. Any logical thought process leads clearly to the conculsion that she was indeed a human person.

Ways to Defeat SB 5!

· Sign up to pray and to have a rose sent in your name by going to the web site
· Call your State Representative – all you need to say is “I am a constituent of yours and strongly believe SB 5 is immoral, please vote against it”. You can find the phone number of your Rep. at A Rose and a Prayer web site.
· It’s critical, on Tuesday April 24 starting between 12:30 to 1:00 PM at Legislative Hall in Dover we need hundreds of people to present the roses into our Representatives. We need constituents of each Representative so we can send a clear message that many of their constituents are against this bill. We strongly believe if we have a large response, 500 people, we can defeat this bill. Please, please, please your help it is desperately needed, come and bring family and friends.

British Abortion Business Calls Doing Abortions “Heroic, Life-Saving Work”

British Abortion Business Calls Doing Abortions "Heroic, Life-Saving Work"

A debate in England has cropped up in the last few days as those on the pro-abortion side are lamenting how fewer doctors are willing to do abortions. In order to try to attract more physicians to the abortion industry, a leading abortion business is spinning the issue calling abortion “heroic work” that aides women.

Ann Furedi, head of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service abortion business, complained over the weekend that there is a rise in the number of doctors not wanting to do abortions.

“Abortion is an absolutely essential, life-saving part of medical care,” she told the British media. “It may not be the most glamorous medical specialty on the face of it, compared to stem cell research or neurosurgery — but it is seen as heroic work by the women that it helps.”

I can understand the impulse to defend your work and draw other people to it, but shouldn’t those in the abortion industry avoid the whole topic of saving lives, when their whole raison d’être is ending lives? If abortionists were truly required to save lives, they’d have to find new lines of work because they couldn’t continue to perform abortions.