European Nations Demand World Bank Continue Forcing Abortion on Developing Nations

European Nations Demand World Bank Continue Forcing Abortion on Developing Nations

For decades the World Bank has been pressuring developing nations into implementing population control in order to qualify for receipt of loans. That program accelerated during the Clinton era in the 1990s as the Bank, which is controlled by the United States, more openly insisted countries wishing to receive funding permit abortion, and institute ‘family planning’ programs.

The current Administration has attempted to alter this abortion-pushing stance with the guidance of Juan Jose Daboub, a former El Salvador finance minister, who was last year appointed as a managing director of the bank under President Paul Wolfowitz. The new health strategy sought to relax requirements that recipient countries implement population control ‘family planning’ policies as a condition of receiving loans.

However the World Bank Board of Directors deferred a decision on accepting the new health strategy on Tuesday after receiving complaints from European World Bank Directors. In an April 19 letter, a copy of which was obtained by, Bank Directors from Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany and Norway demanded that the bank continue its coercive population control policy.

Rather than accepting the pro-abortion rhetoric that population control is key to development, Mosher asserts that forcing population control via financial pressure is “economic assassination.”

“Taking poor countries and deliberately eliminating their primary resource – young people,” he said, “is criminal”. He explained that developing nations with higher infant mortality rates require higher birth rates to sustain their populations. Without social security systems in place elderly parents rely on children to sustain them in old age. For all their talk of women’s rights, he said, the population controllers are doing women in developing nations no favours by forcing depopulation.

Europe is currently dealing with the consequences of a declining population, a loss of hope for the future and government retirement programs that will be bankrupt if current trends continue. Why they want to impose these results on poor nations as well is beyond comprehension. People are any nation’s most valuable resource. They bring work, ideas, and hope for the future. People are the most fundamental capital in any economy and removal of capital from an economy will always have negative consequences.