Democrats for Life of America

Democrats for Life of America has released what it calls its 95-10 Initiative, which promotes policies they claim will reduce the number of abortions in America by 95% in ten years. I would dispute their assessment of the program’s efficacy, but they are, in general, a good program.

1) Federal Funding for Pregnancy Counseling and Daycare on University Campuses
2) Provide Accurate Information to Patients Receiving a Positive Result from an Alpha-Fetoprotein Test tests
3) Make Adoption Tax Credits Permanent
4) Ban Insurance Industry Discrimination Against Pregnant Women
5) Require Adoption Referral Information
6) Women’s Right to Know
7) Provide Ultrasound Equipment
8) Increase Funding for Domestic Violence Programs
9) Parental Notification
10) Call for Congress to Fully Fund Federal WIC Program
11) Provide Grants to States to Promote and Implement Safe Haven Laws
12) Require Counseling in Maternity Group Homes
13) Require SCHIP to cover pregnant women and their unborn children
14) Federal Funding for Toll-Free Number/ National Public Awareness Program
15) Conduct a National Study & Update Abortion Data
16) Federal Funding for Pregnancy Prevention Education

There’s a brochure available which provides some details behind these proposals. Many of these are common sense and should be passed: informing pregnant women who’ve received a positive result on a test for genetic defects that those can often return false positives; making the adoption tax credits permanent will encourage people to adopt children whose lives have been spared; requiring pregnancy centers to provide information about the option of adoption to pregnant women; using ultrasound equipment to allow women to see their unborn child before making the final decision to abort; requiring teenage girls who need a parental permission to take an aspirin to inform their parents before having an abortion; promoting the freedom for women to hand over their children, no questions asked; having maternity homes provide women information on adoption; and increasing awareness of options for pregnant women.

Checking the list of sponsors and supporters I don’t see either of our Delaware Democrats co-sponsoring this, even our “personally opposed, but…” Senator Joseph Biden. Notice that this bill in no way infringes a woman’s ability to choose, just gives her al the resources she needs to make a true choice. There’s only a few sponsors on it right now so let’s see if the “safe, legal and rare” pro-choicers mean it, or if nothing more than political hot air.