Meme: Six Weird Things about me

I can hear the crowd yelling, “Only 6?”

1. I’m a blogger. That’s plenty weird right there.
2. My glasses are not allowed to get dirty. (I’ve told my girlfriend that I will break up with her if she ever intentionally messes them up.)
3. I eat one part of a meal at a time. Vegetables, then meat, for example. Burger, then fries. Never mixing them. That’s often even true with frozen meals where parts of it are cooked separately and you’re supposed to mix them after cooking.
4. I really do feel better and happier during baseball season.
5. I am trying to make the word “Smittylicious” part of everyday conversation, and have that image on a coffee mug and a t-shirt.
6. When emptying the dishwasher I am careful to arrange my dishes so that the most recently used dishes, glasses and silverware are on the bottom or at the back so things get worn down evenly.

If you want to do this, consider yourself tagged.

Hat Tip: The Curt Jester