Only the Perfect Shall Be Allowed to Live

Another First – UK Clinic to Weed Out Embryos for Cosmetic Defects

Doctors at a British fertility clinic will begin screening embryos for cosmetic defects, the first time a license to do so has been issued in the country.

A business man and his wife applied to London’s Bridge Centre family clinic for screening procedures to ensure an embryo would be created without the father’s genetic eye disorder–the man and his father both have an eye condition which gives them a severe squint.

Prof. Gedis Grudzinskas, with the Bridge Centre clinic, told the Telegraph UK that he believes the HFEA’s decision to permit screening for an eye disorder marks the beginning of a widespread relaxation of screening rules, Prof. Grudzinskas said. “We will increasingly see the use of embryo screening for severe cosmetic conditions.”

He said he would screen embryos for hair color or any cosmetic condition that caused distress to parents.

“If there is a cosmetic aspect to an individual case I would assess it on its merits. [Hair colour] can be a cause of bullying which can lead to suicide. With the agreement of the HFEA, I would do it.”

This is just baffling to me. Designer jeans are nothing more than the acting out of a desire to be fashionable and “with it.” Designer babies are even more nefarious, solely appealing to the ego. These parents don’t seem to be interested in having a child of their own as much as building a lab specimen. Remember that in order to create the perect child, many other imprefect children will be created and destroyed.

And the notion that hair color is a life changing factor because it leads to bullying and therefore suicide? By that logic no one should be born as any personal factor will lead to bullying. Bullies don’t bully because of a specific thing about a person; they bully because they want to bully. If someone wants to tease and pick on someone, they will. Everyone has something they’re sensitive about; bullies will find it and exploit it. No amount of genetic perfection will prevent that.

Big Papi skeptical steroids helped Bonds in chase – MLB – Big Papi skeptical steroids helped Bonds in chase

Count David Ortiz among those who isn’t convinced Barry Bonds used illegal performance-enhancing drugs — or if they really helped the San Francisco Giants outfielder make his run at Hank Aaron’s home run record.

“To hit the ball, the guy makes it look easy, but it ain’t. I don’t know how you can have that swing, consistently. I don’t know how steroids can do that,” Ortiz told the Boston Herald. “There are supposed to be guys using steroids in the game, and there’s nobody close to Barry Bonds. What’s that mean? He was using the best [stuff]? Know what I’m saying?”

I’ve always been a little skeptical of the claim that steroids help ball players hit home runs. While steroids do help you recover from weight lifting more quickly, in baseball, you can become too muscular. Flexibility is a key factor in bat speed, which is what really drives the ball a distance. I can’t remember the player’s name, but there was someone back in the early 90’s, I think with the Texas Rangers, who was playing well, bulked up suddenly (which everyone assumed to be steroids), and his performance fell off a cliff because he was too muscular. Or think of Lenny Dykstra. Yeah, he was great in 1993, but he was never the same due to injuries afterwards.

And, as Big Papi points out, Bonds is doing something nobody else does. Also, he’s still doing it this now that steroid testing is in place, and he’s coming off an injury. I find it much more likely that he’s just a genetic freak who’s taking full advantage of our nutritional and exercise knowledge.