Quote of the Day

“Maybe I am missing something, but I don’t get it that continuing to live in the White House with husband Bill required any more strength of character than leaving him. Equally incomprehensible is [Newsweek’s] discovery of guts in the proposal of ex-Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina to raise taxes on high-income households to finance a universal health insurance program. How many votes do the writers think he will lose by informing the bulk of Americans that he intends to have a tiny minority finance a major share of the nation’s health care?… What the story most outlandishly refuses to do is accept the right-before-your-eyes parallel between Truman and Bush. Truman was unpopular for a variety of reasons, but mainly because of the war in Korea. Bush is also unpopular for a variety of reasons, but mainly because of the war in Iraq… [A]t Bush’s core, just as at Truman’s, there is a virtue that Newsweek correctly recognized in Truman, even if critics including Newsweek are loath to recognize it in Bush. The man has political courage” — Jay Ambrose, columnist for Examiner.com, on Newsweek’s cover story calling for “A New Truman.”

Whatever problems you might have Bush, and I do have my share, you have to admit that he has political courage; he is more than willing to take the hit that comes with standing for things he believes in. While other politicians run and hide from a war they fervently supported, he’s stuck by it with great political cost.