Catching up with Von Hayes has an interview with Von Hayes today.

A few years ago, I reviewed his career statistics and noticed, much to my surprise, that he was a well above-average player. Much better than I remembered. He was definitely an asset to the ballclub and made the Phillies a better team.

That said, I still hate him.

Simply because of the trade. On December 9, 1982, the Phillies front office must have been on drugs. There’s no way that trade would ever have paid off. Julio Franco by himself was more valuable than Hayes.

When the Phillies finally traded Hayes away, I had much the same reaction as Lenny Dykstra:

Great trade, who’d we get?

I’m wrong for this, but I just can’t get over it yet. It’s been almost 25 years. But I still cringe at the sound of his name.

(By the way, there’s a local band named “Von Hayes Sucks“.)

2 thoughts on “Catching up with Von Hayes

  1. I remember Von Hayes from my youth as a dependable player. He wasn’t a super star, but he was well above average. I liked him.

    But good lord that was a bad trade. He was a good player, but not five guys good and certainly not those five guys.

  2. Hey, our band is called Von Hayes, not Von Hayes Sucks.

    We don’t even think Von Hayes sucks, it’s just that “Von Hayes” was taken on myspace by another defunct man.

    Rock it

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