Signs Your Cat is a Terrorist

IMAO: Domesticated Terror: The Feline Threat

* Recently drove to London, but came home without his green, 4-door Mercedes.

* Purrs by making a “ULULULULU!” sound in his throat.

* Faces east while catching mice, i.e. preying toward Mecca.

* Leaves poop on top of cat litter, but eagerly buries weapons caches.

* After catching a mouse, he plays with it for several days, then videotapes himself biting its head off.

* Continually denies the dog’s right to exist.

* Complains to Amnesty International when you put a leash on him.

* Eats around the bacon-flavored pieces of his Meow Mix.

* Sharpens his claws on an American flag while chanting “Meow Meow Akbar!”.

* Poses for Reuters photographers.

* IS a Reuters photographer.

How about: they’re a cat?