Review: Harry Potter 7 (No spoilers)

harrypotter7.jpgWell, I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last night around midnight. I was so into reading this book that I even took it a baseball game and read it there. (Seriously, who schedules anything on Harry Potter Day?)

I greatly enjoyed this one. It’s either my favorite or second favorite of the series. (The other favorite being Goblet of Fire.) At the baseball game, I was sitting next to my girlfriend who was also reading the book, but due to getting it earlier, I was a few hundred pages ahead of her. I turned to her a few times and said,”It’s getting really exciting.” She also heard me a few times make a few exclamations of surprise and shock.

That said, while the climax of the book was exciting, it did seem a little uneven. There were times that the pace seemed to slow up a bit right in the thick of things. It seemed to me that those slowdowns were kind of shoehorned in since they involved important plot elements, but they could have been handled more smoothly.

I will pat myself on the back by mentioning that I did make some accurate predictions as to things that would either happen or be revealed in this book. According to the Wikipedia entry (no link since it contains an entire plot summary and therefore lots of spoilers), there some dispute as the exact meaning of what happened in one instance, but I think what was intended to happen is in line with my prediction.

It’s a good climax to the series, although part of me feels she left the door open to sequel if she so chooses. And there’s obviously plenty of ability for her to write more books in the Harry Potter universe if she so chooses: a history of Hogwarts, stories of Hogwarts’ founders, etc. If she gets the urge, there can be many more books where this came from. I’ll be anxious to read them if she does.