Ryan Howard named National League Player of the Week

Ryan Howard, who led the National League with five home runs and a .500 (11-22) batting average, has been named Bank of America Presents the National League Player of the Week for the period of July 16-22, 2007.

Howard also led the N.L. with 13 RBI, 27 total bases, 10 bases on balls, a slugging percentage of 1.227 and an on-base percentage of .636. The left-handed hitting slugger twice hit two homers in a game (July 17th at LA, July 21st at SD). He also recorded five multi-hit games during the week.

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Also, he’s in the middle some fairly impressive streaks:

29 consecutive games reaching base safely
5 consecutive games reaching base 3 or more times
2 consecutive games reaching base 4 or more times
9 consecutive plate appearances reaching base safely (not counting a sac. fly he had on Sunday)

“Population Control” always seems to lead to dead women

Secondhand Smoke: India’s Shame: 30 Bags Found Stuffed with the Bodies of Female Babies and Fetuses

Thirty polythene bags stuffed with the remains of female foetuses and newly born babies have been found in a dry well near a private clinic in the east Indian state of Orissa, police said yesterday.

Despite laws banning sex determination tests, the killing of female foetuses is still common in India, where the preference for sons runs deep. Infanticide is also practised in some areas. The government has said that around 10 million girls have been killed by their parents–either before or immediately after birth–during the last 20 years.

This pattern repeats itself around the world. In India, a 2000 census reported that there were 1000 men per 927 girls among children. The ratio is even worse in China, with 20% more boys than girls. The average birth ratio in the rest of world is 106 boys for 100 girls, but boy are more likely to die in youth than girls so the ratio evens out by adulthood.

The obvious practice of sex-selection abortion is wrong for a number of reasons. First, there’s the obvious horror of abortion, the murder of the innocent. Next, we see that girls are being targeted due to many cultures’ preferences for boys. In addition, a surplus of boys leaves a number of sexually frustrated boys who will sublimate their sexual energies into other activities either out of frustration or in an attempt to draw attention to themselves to attract women. (There’s a reason so many Islamic terrorists are excited about the prospect of 72 virgins in the afterlife; it’s because they aren’t getting any here. Even though abortion is generally proscribed in Muslim countries, polygamous societies have similar issues: the most attractive men get more women, leaving fewer for the not so attractive. A different cause then sex selective abortions, but the supply of women is reduced just the same.) As I read remarked somewhere in the past, war has historically been the means of keeping excess male population to a minimum.

Population control negatively impacts women, by targeting them for elimination through abortion. (India outlaws sex determining tests, but has had little success in enforcing such a law.) And, as it leads to surplus male population, it can lead to a less stable society. It’s bad news both in the present and in the future.