When I’m Absolute Dictator

A constant problem around Wilmington is people parking their cars in the street blocking a lane of traffic. Especially galling is when they do they do with spots open just a few feet from where they park their cars in a traffic lane.

Union Street is notorious for this, especially during rush hour. I’ve seen it go from three lanes to one because peopel seem to think they have a God-given right to park wherever they want, regardless of the law and the inconvenience to others.

When I’m absolute dictator, cash payments will be given to those who ram these illegally parked cars from behind and the illegal parker will be made to pay for repairs to their cars and the car that rams them. Plus pay for a nice rental car to replace the ramming car while repairs are being made.

Furthermore, if the car is parking in such a manner when there are spots available, people will be encouraged to drive into the front of said cars as well, with the terms noted above still applying.