Wow. Just wow.

Orioles give up 30 runs in a single game

Think about some of the stuff that happened in this game:

* Two (!) Rangers hit grand slams
* Two Rangers had seven RBIs, neither of whom hit a grand slam
* Two Rangers scored five runs
* None of the Rangers runs were unearned
* The Orioles pitcher who did the best job tonight gave up six runs in 5 innings pitched. That’s an ERA of 10.80. And that was the best job of any Orioles pitcher. The next best? 9 runs in 2 innings pitched, for an ERA of 40.50
* The Rangers scored 16 runs after they were already ahead 14-3.
* The Orioles at one time led 3-0, so the Rangers scored 30 unanswered runs.
* It was only the ninth time that a team has scored 30 runs in a major league game and the first since June 28, 1897
* The Orioles set the following records: team record for hits allowed; team (and league!) record for runs allowed; team record for worst margin of defeat (More will likely be discovered with greater time for research)

That’s what I love about baseball: you never know what you’re going to see next. What I hate about baseball is when it happens to your team….


“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” – Albert Einstein

“Whosoever is out of patience, is out of possession of his mind, body and soul.” – Sir Francis Bacon

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding one’s self in the ranks of the insane.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Sometimes I wish I were a Democrat because Democrats seem to have more fun. At other times I wish I were a Libertarian because Republicans are too much like Democrats. What I actually am is a right-wing independent who is registered Republican because there isn’t any place else to go.” – Lyn Nofziger

“Never blame a legislative body for not doing something. When they do nothing, they don’t hurt anybody. When they do something is when they become dangerous.” – Will Rogers

“The Democrats believe that defeat in Iraq would be George W. Bush’s defeat. It would not. It would be America’s defeat.” – Mona Charen

“The fall of the Soviet Union deprived us of the biggest example of how socialism works. We need laboratories of failure to demonstrate what socialism is like. All we have now is Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, the U.S. Post Office, and state motor-vehicle departments.” – John Stossel

“Aides are always there to cut their roast beef, butter their bread, button their overcoats, knot their ties, polish their shoes, and, in the case of John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, touch up eye shadow, lip gloss and moisturizer.” – Wesley Pruden

Quote of the Day

“Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure.”

— Thomas Jefferson (letter to William Johnson, 12 June 1823)

Reference: The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Memorial Edition, Lipscomb and Bergh, eds., vol. 15 (450)