Thoughts on a Wide Stance

The Larry Craig situation just leads to so many jokes.

With a “wide stance” leasing to an arrest and possible end to a political career, all sorts of bad things can happen in other situations. Jeff the Baptist, if you ever take me shooting again, and I use a wide stance, don’t take it the wrong way. That could get dangerous with guns around. (Hat Tip on idea: IMAO)

I was at the Orioles game last night, and in the men’s room after the game, I heard on guy say to another “Watch out for any Congressmen.”

The funniest remark about this situation, though, accidentally (I hope) came from Craig himself. He started his press conference saying “Thank you all very much for coming out today.” Don’t speak off the cuff in situations like this. Or if that’s not off the cuff, his PR person should be fired. (By coincidence, a friend of used to work in Craig’s Senate office in Press Relations. He thought the world of Craig, who’s apparently a great guy to work for and be friends with, despite whatever extracurricular activities he might engage in.)