Playoff Odds

Baseball Prospectus’ Postseason Odds gives the Phillies a slight advantage in winning the division (51%-49%) and only just over a 1 in 12 chance of winning the Wild Card, so it looks like we should focus on the Mets. Just sweep the Nats this weekend, and we should be fine. If only Adam Eaton weren’t pitching tomorrow….

First Place!

Thanks to the Mets being on their way to a near historic collapse, the Phillies are now tied for first place in the National League East. (I’m trying hard not to get invested, because I just know the Phillies will break my heart, but they’re really making it hard.)

But, here’s who to root for this weekend:

The Phillies (of course)
The Marlins (playing the Mets)
The Brewers (playing San Diego, who’s still first in the wild card)
The Orioles (playing the Yankees. Yeah, the Yankees have clinched the playoffs, but we must always root against the Yankees.)

Go Phils!

Liberal Girls are Easy?

One ardent Obama supporter (who declined to give his name because he works in politics) says he’ll attend both the rally and the after-party, and he doesn’t expect to be going home alone.

He’s confident for a reason.

“Let’s face it: Leftie girls are easy,” he says.


Conservative friends of mine used to say: “Democrats to bed; Republicans to wed.” It also reminds me of stories of men who attended hippie rallies back in the 60s not out of sympathy for their political goals, but rather for the freely available sex.

Hat Tip: The Campaign Spot

Phillies Postseason Chances

Baseball Prospectus’ Postseason Odds has the Phillies with a 41% chance of making the playoffs, with the division title being more likely than the wild card.

I’m still not getting my hopes up.

UPDATE: Also note that there is a 1-in-125 chance of a 5-way tie for the three playoff spots up for grabs (NL East & West champs, plus Wild Card). If that happens, I may have to call out of work to watch the tie-breaker games on TV. It’ll be friggin’ awesome. See the discussion at Baseball Think Factory to see what a tie-breaker scenario would look like. (Start here and read down.)

In addition, The Good Phight point outs:

What’s great about this is that the Phillies fan dream scenario is entirely possible: the Phillies could end the season with the best record in the NL and the Mets could fail to make the playoffs. I’ll take simply the Phillies making the playoffs, but dreaming ain’t bad either.

I love the end of September. I’d love October even more, but Tim McCarver is still announcing the games.