McCain’s getting no love from the liberals this time around

The left side of the political environment loved John McCain in 2000, when he was the plan-spoken alternative to George W. Bush in the GOP primary. Now, that he’s no longer the “spoiler,” he’s not getting the same positive reaction. Case in point: the furor some have raised about his response to a question from a high schooler who wondered if he was too old for the job of President, wondering if he might die in office or get Alzheimer’s or something similar to that. McCain ended his answer by saying “Thanks for the question… you little jerk,” clearly with a smile on his face. Those in attendance took it as a joke as well, as is obvious from the laughter in the room. Seeing the positive response, he added “You’re drafted,” again to laughter

When you watch the video above, it’s clear that McCain was joking with the kid, and everyone there knew it. It’s only those who are either seeking to score political points or just ignorant of the situation who would be upset by this.

I’m no McCain fan, although I have a more favorable opinion of him than Ryan, but this isn’t something worth criticizing him over. Save that for the many things he does earn our criticism on.