Could water as a fuel source be that far away?

Can saltwater be burned as fuel? – Engadget

A man in Erie, PA has apparently discovered that exposing salt water to radio waves causes the release of hydrogen atoms which then ignites. Depending on the efficiency of this reaction, salt water could be a viable fuel source in the future. That would certainly be handy and a great boon to our lives. Amusingly, this discovery came about while searching for a cure for cancer. Like so many other discoveries in the world, this could be a greatly beneficial accident.

Hat Tip: My girlfriend, who emailed the link to me

2 thoughts on “Could water as a fuel source be that far away?

  1. Sounds good but you’re missing the forest for the trees. This sounds good but you still have to generate the radio waves which means you have produce power for that. If that output is greater than the energy released by the hydrogen from the seawater (which I’ll bet it is) then this is a net energy looser and not viable.

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