Pope’s New encyclical due Friday

Pope Benedict XVI will release the 2nd encyclical letter of his pontificate, entitled Spe Salvi, on November 30.

The new encyclical, a reflection on the theological virtue of hope, will be formally introduced to the media at a Friday news conference by Cardinal Georges Cottier, the former theologian of the pontifical household; and Cardinal Albert Vanhoye, SJ, the former rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute.

Looks like my plans for the weekend have been set

One thought on “Pope’s New encyclical due Friday

  1. I love Pope Benedict’s works and cannot wait to see this one. I expect that it will be as magnificent as his Jesus of Nazareth and Dues Caritas Est. He is a wonderful person and I want to thank you for having his holiness on your post. I would encourage everyone to read the Cathecism’s social teaching and teachings regarding rule of law and political involvement.

    They are masterpieces of the western heritage. And provide the moral direction for my writing, even when I disagree with my fellow bloggers, I always make it or at least try to bring it into the realm of reasonable understanding. Rather than let it descend into name calling which I deplore as unworthy of a citizen of a repulbic and unworthy of our heritage. Thank you for having the Pope on your site he provides a good moral direction.

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