Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today the Church remembers of the appearance of Mary to the Mexican peasant Saint Juan Diego (who feast is December 9th) in 1531. While the Spanish had been in Mexico for quite a while, they had not had much lock in converting the natives to Christianity. Juan Diego was one of the few who had come to know Jesus, and Mary used him to carry His message further. (I’m summarizing the story briefly.) Through a series of miracles, she convinced first the local Catholic Bishop of the truth of Juan Diego’s claims and then the rest of Mexico. Within a decade, most Mexican natives had been Christian. I heard one priest make the point that we had just lost millions of people through the Protestant split, and we gained even more as a result of the Mexican people accepting the Faith. God does indeed watch out for His Church.

(To the right is the image miraculously left on Juan Diego’s tilma. To this day, we’ve been unable to reproduce the materials used to create it. See the Sancta link below for more information about the miraculous nature of this image.)

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