Some conspiracy theories just amuse me…

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the real reason lead was removed from paint years ago was to enable the anti-christ Illuminati Big Bro Judaics to see through your walls with Forward Looking Infra Red(FLIR). These FLIR cameras are looking down on Earth from the orbiting satellites and can see heat images of you in your home–unless you live in an old one with 3 or 4 coats of old leaded paint. I wouldn’t be surprised if a conversation in your home could be picked up also.

From a discussion forum I sometimes check out.

Another regeneration in store?

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Tennant ‘is leaving Doctor Who’

Catherine Tate has suggested that the next series of Doctor Who could be the last for actor David Tennant.

The comedian, speaking on Radio 2’s Jonathan Ross programme, said: “I think it’s maybe David’s last series.”

The BBC refused to comment on Mr Tennant’s future as the show’s star.

If true, this would be a loss. Tennant’s been really good as the Doctor. With time, he could have rivaled Tom Baker as the best of the bunch.