“Lost” Returns Thursday, January 31st at 9 PM

ABC Takes Wraps Off Mid-Season

ABC announced a new strike-affected midseason schedule on Friday. The most prominent change is the return of Lost on January 31, a Thursday. The show will air at 9:00 p.m., the time period ordinarily occupied by the network’s biggest hit on that night, Grey’s Anatomy. The problem that the network faces is that while it has eight new episodes of Lost ready to roll, it has only one episode of Anatomy — thus, the decision to move Lost from its usual Wednesday time period.

While I’m glad to know the return date, I wish it weren’t opposite The Office and Scrubs. Of course, if they have no new episodes available due to the writer’s strike, it may be “no harm, no foul” for me on that front.

Fairly obivous prediction: those “rescuers” on the boat will be bad mojo.