Blogburst for Fred Thompson

RightWing Nut House has propsed a blogburst for Senator Fred Thompson this Thursday. It won’t make much of a difference (especially my part of it), but it’s still worthwhile to support the only true conservative in the race.

Campaign Ad showing Thompson is authentically conservative:

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Fred on what he’d do first as President:

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I’ve given him money; he’s the first Presidential I’ve ever given money to. He’s the only candidate in this race who I believe can both win and govern as a conservative. Please donate to him today.

More facts you should know about Fred Thompson.

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  1. Blogburst for Fred

    I picked this up via Michele over at Reformed Chicks Blabbing

    Rick Moran over at Right Wing Nuthouse is proposing a blogburst for Fred Thompson on Thursday December 27th. The following is part of an e-mail he sent out to other bloggers supporting Fred

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