If you didn’t know me, you’d think I knew something about football

So, I won my fantasy football league this year for the second time in the five years I’ve been in it. I actually missed the draft this year because I noted the date change but not the time change, so my team was auto-drafted. I looked at many of the players I ended up with and said, “Who’s that?” But, I had the most points of any team during the regular season (despite finishing in seventh place) and could have had even more points except there were a few weeks I forgot to change my roster and started a few players on bye weeks. But, my team came up with three straight upsets and won the league in the playoffs.

Then in the Delaware Bloggers Pick ‘Em league started by Ryan of Jokers to the Right, I won that too. My success there really took off once I stopped actually thinking about who would win and just going with the favorites every week, with only the occasional upset selected.

I just hope this hasn’t used up all my luck.