Dopey News Journal Letter to the Editor

Stealing one of Hube’s frequent tropes:

In a free country, how can religion dictate morality

I was sitting at home alone the other day when my telephone rang, and some sort of automated voice-activated survey was asking residents of Cecil County whether they believed abortion should be legal in this country. Despite pressing the button, as instructed for pro-choice, the robotic voice thanked me for being pro-life.

Maybe you hit the wrong button….

Not only do I believe abortion should always be legal in the United States, but actually encouraged as a great way to reduce the surplus population.

Ever notice that everyone who wants to reduce the population by killing humans is already born and doesn’t volunteer themselves for execution? I’ll take these guys as something other than misanthropes when they start nominating themselves for the sacrifices they are so eager to have others make.

Religious fanatics and right-wing lunatics are pushing these backward-thinking programs because of George Bush, and his fundamentalist Jesus freaks.

There’s more than just women’s rights at stake here, and it’s high time free thinkers tell these anti-abortion idiots, the lunatics from the religious right and Bush, to stick it.

In two sentences, I count six insults directed at those who disagree with him. No wonder he opens the letter by telling us he was home alone. Maybe he really does just hate everyone else.

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