Obama Misses an opportunity?

Obama Misses An Opportunity? [Jonah Goldberg]

I can see it both ways. But it must have been be very tempting for Obama to come back at Hillary’s statement that the first woman president would be a big change by saying “well, the first black president would be a big deal too.”

Bonus rightwing points: If he followed up with “not counting your husband, of course.”

It’s to Obama’s credit that he didn’t make this followup. While it might score some debate points, I think it’s best for the country if the first black President were elected in a campaign free of racial pleas from all sides. Let him be elected for who he is, rather than on the color of his skin. Saying “Vote for me because I have dark skin” (or “Because I have a vagina”) is identity politics, plan and simple, which will just divide the country. If we can’t elect because of your policies, we shouldn’t elect you for any other reason. Campaign on the issues, not random personal traits.

Although I would forgive him for it if he had followed up with Goldberg’s suggested comment about Bill Clinton. That’s funny enough to be worth it.