Ontario Health Minister Backs Free Crack Pipe Distribution Program

Ontario Health Minister Backs Free Crack Pipe Distribution Program

Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman supports a program that will distribute free crack pipes to citizens, ensuring that the program will stay alive despite strong opposition from Ottawa city officials.

The program, designed to fight the possible spread of hepatitis C and HIV from sharing crack pipes, lost $7,500 from the city last year, putting the future of the free crack pipe program in jeopardy. City officials said there is no evidence that the program has actually halted the spread of communicable diseases, and that crack addicts need help, not supplies.

After the nonsense of giving free needles to drug users, I suppose free crack pipes were only a matter of time.

It’s a simple matter of economics: if you want to get more of something, subsidize it. Need more doctors? Pay people to go to med school. Want more cars? Give money to General Motors. Want more drug users? Give people tools to do drugs with.

In the long run, this will likely cause more disease to be spread. After all, it takes rational thought to think to get a clean needle and if there’s one group of people not exactly known for rational thought, it’s drug users.