Spanish leaders want bishops’ apology for pro-family rally

Catholic World News : Spanish leaders want bishops’ apology for pro-family rally

Spanish government leaders have asked the country’s Catholic bishops to apologize for the massive pro-family rally held in Madrid on December 30, Vatican Radio reports.

Leaders of the Socialist governing party have charged that the Church intervened in partisan political affairs with the rally, which drew nearly 2 million participants. (The government is reporting that only 160,000 took part in the demonstration.) The government has asked the bishops’ conference for an apology.

Although 40 bishops took part in the pro-family event, and the hierarchy gave clear support to the event, the rally was organized primarily by lay Catholic activists. The organizers have consistently argued that the rally was not intended as a partisan political event, but as a public expression of support for the traditional family founded on Christian marriage.

Here’s my suggested apology:

I’m sorry you’re subscribed to an economic philosophy that has worked solely to impoverish millions around the world. I’m sorry you reject the traditional meaning of marriage and all the joy and security it brings to people and to nations. I’m sorry your social policies kill so many people and so many souls. I’m sorry you’ve chosen to reject God and the love He has for you. But, there’s still time to come back to Him and truly find the peace and happiness you wrongly think your failed policies can instill.

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