Obama a radical on abortion

ABC News, "The abortion vote the GOP is planning to use to bring down Obama" :: Infanticide :: ProLifeBlogs

…. Republican operatives have been examining Obama’s record in Springfield, Illinois, and think they have caught Obama voting the wrong side of an abortion bill that will turn off the public “like partial birth abortion cubed,” in the words of one GOP operative.

The bill would have required medical care for babies born during unsuccessful abortions – an issue no Democrat trying to win over independents and Republicans would want to spend any time discussing.

Those who call themselves “pro-choice” often say that they believe abortion should be allowed because the “fetus” is merely a “leech” living off the mother’s body. But here we have a case where a child is born, and Obama believes the child should be left uncared for until they die. And given his willingness to allow genocide, we have to wonder if Obama values human life at all.