$10 @ 10 for Fred

Give $10 at 10 PM for Fred Thompson:

A few of you came up with giving $10 at 10:00 tonight. Well, I liked the idea so much I convinced the rest of the campaign to get behind it. We sent an e-mail out to our small donors asking them to give $10 at 10:00 local time.

Small donors are the backbone of Fred’s grassroots effort. $10 may not seem like a lot, but when thousands of people give it amounts to real financial support.

Get the word out. We only have a few hours to tell as many people as possible. Send e-mails, go on blogs, and talk to your Facebook and MySpace friends. Tell them $10 isn’t a lot when it goes to Fred and his conservative ideas.

You can be sure we’ll pass $1 million by midnight.

UPDATE: I see on the counter that we’re less than $7,000 away and we haven’t even come up to 10:00 pm on the East Coast. I know the Fred File is slow in loading. You may also be experiencing problems donating. Please be patient and try again after a few minutes. You guys are going to destroy the $1 million goal.

Here’s a link to give:

Please donate to him today.