Abortion rate continues to drop, but still a ways to go

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The most comprehensive study in years of abortion in America underscores a striking change in the landscape, with ever-fewer pregnant women choosing abortion and those who do increasingly opting to avoid surgical clinics.

The number of abortions has plunged to 1.2 million a year, down 25 percent since hitting a peak in 1990, according to a report being released today — days before the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion.

The abortion rate has fallen to its lowest level since 1974, the first full year after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the procedure nationwide.

The annual rate has been falling steadily since 1981, paralleling a sharp decline in the number of abortion providers.

Since abortion on demand is still the law of the land, much of this decline is likely due to a choice of life, the only truly valid choice. The article says that pro-choice advocates are claiming this decline is due to increased use of contraception, but given that there has also been an increase in the birthrate recently, a likelier explanation is that women are choosing to keep the children they have conceived.

However, 1.2 million abortions is still 1.2 million innocent lives ended; 1.2 million people who never got the chance to grow up, to live, to play in a field, to love, to have children of their own. We all need to continue to work to remind women of the wonderful gift they have been given and help them understand that even if they can’t handle this gift, there is someone who would be glad to receive a “re-gift.”

But the good news is, more women are choosing life, and while their pocketbooks may be lighter, they are richer for it.

Hat Tip: The Corner