Five People who influenced my career

Idea from: Schwammy Says… – 5 People that Influenced My Career

1) My mother: who got me a computer at a young age
2) Michael Flynn – who got me a job I wasn’t qualified for in the technical area, but got me into web development
3) Chuck Kruse – who gave me the best single piece of programming advice I’ve ever received: “Don’t write anything so complicated that you won’t be able to debug it when it breaks at 3 in the morning.”
4) Dave Herion – who showed me how to program .NET in real world situations
5) Sean Tucker – who put me in a position where I had to learn how business classes should properly interact with code

Desert Island

I was watching old episodes of The Office the other day on DVD and saw the episode “The Fire” where they played “Desert Island” while outside during a fire alarm. They asked for the five movies and three books you would take with you on a desert island. Here’s my lists:

Die Hard
Bull Durham
The Great Escape
The Passion of the Christ

The Bible
The Baseball Encyclopedia
The City of of God by Saint Augustine (If I did nothing but read and try to understand this book for the rest of my life, I still might not finish the job.)