Today in History: George Washington elected unanimously (twice!)

This Day in History 1789: Washington unanimously elected by Electoral College to first and second terms

I went down to Mount Vernon this Saturday with my father, his first time since they added the new education center and museum. The main impetus for the trip was the basement of the house being opened to the public for the first time in years. While not thrilling in and of itself, it was still cool to see. They are a bit into the hero worship even lauding his military skills. He wasn’t much of a tactician, but his understanding of how the population would react to the means of war and the proper overarching strategy were exactly right, after some early missteps. When it came time for battle, though, he should leave such decisions to other people.

Still, he’s clearly the greatest American and most important figure in our nation’s history. Mount Vernon’s well worth the trip; if you get the chance, go. (And even if you can’t go, support them in their work remembering our first, and greatest, President.)