I love this idea

Townhall.com::McCain at CPAC::By Robert D. Novak

Conservative Republicans are trying to force a congressional vote on Berkeley City Council efforts to close the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office in that city and provide special access for the CodePink radical antiwar group.

Rep. John Campbell of California promised to introduce the “Semper Fi Act” to rescind all federal spending for the city of Berkeley and transfer those funds to Marine Corps recruiting. Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina announced he is planning similar legislation.

The very liberal Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee, who represents Berkeley, did not endorse the City Council’s anti-Marine resolution but vowed to fight any effort cutting off funds for the city.

One thought on “I love this idea

  1. Berkeley should be cut off the face of the earth (at their own expense) and dropped on an island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where all the freaks can just live in their self-congratulatory smug little bubble and leave the rest of us alone.

    Where they are, those Marines have to protect them. On their little island, they can be shark snacks and it’s no longer the Marines’ problem.

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