Is it wrong to enjoy this?

The lovely Miss Anonymous Opinion quotes author Orson Scott Card as saying:

Now Hillary is getting a taste of what it’s like to run for President as a Republican, with the media against you every step of the way.

Just wait till McCain starts getting that treatment; he’s in for a surprise, too.

Two Saturdays ago, I was at a party at the house of a very Democratic family. The family is so Democratic that after the funeral of one of the grandsons, the grandmother was trying to convince me to switch parties. The family loves to talk to me about politics, although there is a standing rule about the grandmother and I speaking on that subject with each other. This past visit was no different. One of the family members, long active in Democratic circles and currently holding a prominent appointed position, was bemoaning the media’s treatment of Hillary, saying that they weren’t being fair and actively favoring Obama. I pointed out that he now knew how Republicans have felt for decades. He responded, “But they’re just not being fair and they’re so biased.” I repeated, “Now you know how Republicans have felt for decades.” He got the hint that I wasn’t going to give him any sympathy and moved on to other topics.

There are a few issues this brings up:

1) Is it okay for Republicans to watch Democrats being hoist on their own petard, with media bias bringing down their candidate, instead of supporting their candidate for once? Is it merely schadenfreude to take pleasure in their suffering?
2) Was his reaction merely disappointment over the bias going against his candidate for one? Or was it deeper? Was he finally realizing that the media is indeed biased and not afraid to use their power to promote their own objectives, rather than merely report the news? Had he honestly never seen the clear bias of the media, because it was in his favor?

If enough on the left finally are recognizing the obvious agendas and biases of the media, maybe we’ll finally have enough of a base to do something about the problem about media bias, and get an objective media, rather than one that just lies in order to pretend it is.

One thought on “Is it wrong to enjoy this?

  1. I think the idea of an “objective” media is a pipe dream. There will always be bias of one kind or another. I cannot see any way to eliminate it.

    The better solution would be for journalists to give up this charade of neutrality and admit that they have a perspective, whatever it may be. With that knowledge readers will be able to evaluate the stories and make their own judgments.

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