Barack Obama: Most Anti-Life Presidential Candidate Ever?

Barack Obama Would Take Back Vote Helping Terri Schiavo Avoid Euthanasia

Senator Barack Obama debated his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night and said his biggest mistake was voting with a unanimous Senate to help save Terri Schiavo. Terri is the disabled Florida woman whose husband won the legal right to starve her to death.

When asked his biggest mistake, Obama said that trying to save an innocent woman’s life, trying to prevent her from being starved to death, was a big mistake. (Take note, too, that this bill passed the Senate unanimously.) As the article linked above points out, it’s not the first time he stated that either.

As Hube points out today, and I mentioned before, Obama opposed a bill that would defend the right of children born alive after an abortion attempt to live.

In my earlier post linked above, I also take note that Obama said he would not intervene militarily in Iraq, even to stop a genocide of innocent Iraqis.

So, to sum up:

* He opposes saving innocent people from being starved to death
* He opposes requiring that innocent children who are already born be saved
* He opposes trying to save the lives of innocent genocide victims

He also supports the death penalty. Who would Obama grant the right to life to?