Adults will not rest until they’ve taken all kids’ fun

Snow eating now endangered kid pleasure – Yahoo! News

To the list of simple childhood pleasures whose safety has been questioned, add this: eating snow. A recent study found that snow — even in relatively pristine spots like Montana and the Yukon — contains large amounts of bacteria.

Parents who warn their kids not to eat dirty snow (especially the yellow variety) are left wondering whether to stop them from tasting the new-fallen stuff, too, because of Pseudomonas syringae, bacteria that can cause diseases in bean and tomato plants.

But experts say there’s no need to banish snow-eating along with dodgeball, unchaperoned trick-or-treating and riding a bike without a helmet.

“It’s a very ubiquitous bacteria that’s everywhere,” says Dr. Penelope Dennehy, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ committee on infectious diseases. “Basically, none of the food we eat is sterile. We eat bacteria all the time.”

Children practically bathe in bacteria when they go to the playground, and Dennehy says they won’t get anything from snow that they wouldn’t get from dirt.

Maybe the reason allergies, asthma and other health issues are so prevalent these days among children these days is that we insulate them too much and keep them from building a strong immune system that comes from exposure to bacteria and other germs.

More Buckley

The best-run country in the world is Switzerland. And I have often amused myself while there by asking casually what is the name of the president of Switzerland. Inevitably, there is an embarrassed silence — no one can remember his name. (Source)

I would love to live in a country where government was so small it mattered little who governed it.

Big Day in US History

Today in 1789, the 1st Congress was seated.

That was made possible by the taking of Dorcester Heights on this date in 1776 which drove the British out of Boston which they had occupied for a while trying to repress the brewing rebellion.

In addition, other than Washington’s first inauguration and Presidents sworn in following the death of their predecessor, every President up to and including FDR was sworn in on this date.

And on a lighter note, Ronald and Nancy Reagan married on this date in 1951.

Thank God for Science: How Medieval Churchmen Gave Us the Experimental Method

On Monday, March 10, 2008 at 115 Purnell Hall, University of Delaware, Professor Michael W. Tkacz will kick off the Catholics in Science Symposium with a talk that explodes the misconception that science and the Christian Church are at odds. Dr. Tkacz is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Gonzaga University.

This talk is free and open to all. It runs from 7-9pm. Refreshments will be served.

Science and Christianity have always been at war, right?

Wrong! Scholastic philosophers of the medieval universities originated the mathematical & experimental methods associated with modern science.

Modern science arose out of the rejection of scholasticism & medieval Christian culture, correct?

Wrong again!

The historical evidence supports a very different view of the origins of scientific research. The Christian theologians & natural philosophers of the early universities initiated the historically continuous tradition of scientific investigation that continues today.

Only when the bonds of authoritarian religion were loosed was the free-thinking necessary for scientific progress possible Surely that truism is correct?

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

The contributions of churchmen are so significant that one may rightly say that the scientific revolution took place, not in the seventeenth century—the time of Galileo—as commonly thought, but in the thirteenth century—the time of Thomas Aquinas.

A look at some of the experimental efforts of medieval thinkers will reveal a forgotten early chapter in the history of science. It will also reveal the close association of the Christian faith & the scientific spirit.

For additional information, contact Kate Rogers at 302-831-8480 or This event is sponsored by the Department of Philosophy, Students of Western Civilization, and the Catholic Scholars of Delaware.

Looks like a great event and a way to remind us that one of the best things ever to happen to science was the Catholic Church.