Middletown Wawa strikes a “deal” with DelDOT

Middletown Wawa strikes a deal with DelDOT

Wawa Inc. has agreed to sell about a half-acre of land at its Middletown store to the Delaware Department of Transportation, a week after DelDOT filed court papers to take the land by power of eminent domain.

The business, however, will remain.

“Strikes a deal”? More like, gives in to an extortionist. DelDOT, no doubt, didn’t like the price requested by Wawa, or Wawa didn’t want to give up their land, so DelDOT threatened to take it from them regardless of Wawa’s wishes. If I did this to my neighbor, it would be extortion (I think; I’m no legal scholar), but when the state does it, it’s called “eminent domain.”

It’s thievery either way.