Advantages of being a Guy

I was talking to a friend last night and we got on to the topic of the advantages of being a guy. We both agreed that we much prefer being male, given what women have to go through: childbirth and monthly cycles being high on the list.

That’s not to say being a guy doesn’t have it’s downsides, though. The ones we focused on last night were dating related: having to be the one to approach the girl, having to be the one to make the followup call for another date, and getting the timing right, since if you call too soon, you’re desperate, but if you take too long, she figures you’re not really interested. A female friend once remarked on the same topic, that while she thinks guys have it easier in general, that’s one guy-assigned responsibility she’s glad she doesn’t have to deal with and is more than glad to let us keep that.

Other than the pain that comes from sudden shots to the groinal region, this is definitely my least favorite thing about being a guy. Any suggestions on other guy annoyances?

One thought on “Advantages of being a Guy

  1. As a man, the world is my urinal

    I have never paid more than $12 for a haircut

    I have three pairs of shoes. Black, brown and athletic

    One suit works for weddings, funerals, interviews, court appearnences et al.

    When I say something nobody has to divine the true meaning of what I said. Yes means yes, no means no and so on.

    Mechanics are much less likely to try and cheat me.

    Arguments with friends are settled and done with a shouting match or fisticuffs. Afterward, friendship resumes as normal and do not fester as “frenemies” ever after.

    I can go somewhere without feeling the need to “bring something”

    I can sit and watch a football game for 3 hours with my friends without the need to have a conversation.


    I’m expected to protect my wife/girlfriend even when confronted with armed people or huge biker guys

    I’m expected to be Mr. Fixit at home when in fact I’m really not all that handy.

    Crying is verboten. Crying in public will cause people to look at you funny ever after.

    As a Dad I’m supposed to have perfect knowledge of how to be a Dad when in reality it’s a lot more difficult than your Dad made it look.

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