Best Spitzer-Related Comment yet

RE: A Needle in a Ho-stack

It seems that ABC news’ hooker hunt is more thorough than I previously imagined. After searching diligently, they’ve done the public a great service with this news report:

Escort: ‘I’m Not THAT Kristen’

A voluptuous brunette escort named Kristen, who advertises her availability online “for discriminating gentlemen,” says she is not the “Kristen” linked to New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

The online ad for Kristen, featuring provocative semi-nude lingerie photos, includes an update, “I am not the person the Daily News has mentioned in relation to the Spitzer case.”

The report does nothing to identify the other Kristen, but breathlessly confirming that another high class escort is also named Kristen certainly advances the the story, no? In order to help ABC news out, if you’re reading this and your name happens to Kristen, please IMMEDIATELY contact ABC news at the address below and inform them that you are a) not a prostitute or b) not the prostitute in question:

ABC News
7 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

UPDATE from a reader:

Awesome.She’ll now have a blurb for her web site:

“Voluptuous” – ABC News.

How many hookers get to post THAT?

That would be hilarious.